rent a boat in ibiza
rent a boat in ibiza

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excess catamaran charter
excess catamaran charter

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excess 12 catamaran
excess 12 catamaran

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rent a boat in ibiza
rent a boat in ibiza

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Ibiza Catamaran Charter 

Excess 12 Catamaran

The Best Sailing Performance Catamaran in the world

5,000 €

Starting From / Week Price 

Rent Boat In Ibiza


ibiza catamaran

Description : Excess 12 Catamaran Charter Ibiza

We are happy  to offer you our new Excess catamaran charter in Ibiza , Excess is a completely new brand  from the best catamaran company in the world Lagoon catamaran  and is now  available in our sailing catamaran fleet at " Ibiza catamaran ".   We offer the Excess 12 catamaran as abareboat or crewed charter withe 4 cabin + 1 cabins for the skipper and 2 toilets .

The new Excess 12 CATAMARAN charter IBIZA is a brand new model and it looks like he is the better and more  beautiful  brother of the Lagoon 40 with much more comfort and performance . The new Excess 12 catamaran have  a comfortable interior and silhouette. With large side glass you will have more natural light in the saloon and also in cabins. The catamaran hire ibiza is fully equipped and it  L-shaped galley will offer you more space and more luxury with a bigger and comfortable cockpit . withe it redesigned open space backspace with more sun , it’s is really  the best catamaran for  friends and family. We are delighted to offer it from all our bases in ibiza and we have a special promotional price on this amazing catamaran

The new Excess 12 charter catamaran has one amazing feature  and it is that he have  the best  sailing performance compared to any catamaran on the market  you can enjoy sailing with speed, sun in the head and experience the true wind sailing. The Sail Trimming is all redesigned for more performance and  its all made so its close to the helms so the skipper can do it all alone..

Sporty and fun, EXCESS 12 brings together performance and Pleasure  for the skipper  who loves  excitement and connection with the water and also values leisure time spent on board with family and friends.  the oversized cockpit provides the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining.


Sporty and fun, EXCESS 12 catamaran hire ibiza brings together performance /Beauty  and the most important a lot of  comfort 

The view from the double steering wheel, the finesse of the sail trimming and the high aspect rig ratio are all designed to meet the requirements of the new generation of sailor who wants a fast & beautiful boat adapted to the new ways  life at sea.


EXCESS 12 is perfect for cruising with the family or friends, as he have a lot of space and matters everywhere for you to relax and take fun of a sunny sailing day in Ibiza or Formentera .

The big cockpit includes a dining table  and lounge seating for 12 or more persons .


Taken  from monohull yacht, the genius of the double steering wheel is key to provide  a connection with the sea. The responsive and sensitive steering gives you the best  command at the wheel with all controls coming back to the steering wheel and rent a boat in ibiza.

, EXCESS 12 catamaran rent ibiza give an ideal view of the sails, the sea, and the bows.


Lagoon have  brings their  knowledge experience Design  and signature to the EXCESS catamaran brand . The EXCESS 12 come out only in 2019 and all ready is the award-winning for the best catamaran in the world for 2020. ​​catamaran ibiza charter


Light was the keyword used by EXCESS brand  design when creating the EXCESS 12 interiors. Simple yet luxurious finishes deliver a fresh and contemporary feel.

Cedar and white-blend woodwork and clear  windows allow light to flood through, creating an immediate  connection with sky and sea.


  • Year: 2021

  • Model: EXCESS 12

  • Skipper: Yes (mandatory)

  • Length: 12.05 m

  • Beam: 6.73 m

  • Draft: 1,35 m

  • Cabin: 4 double + 1 Skipper cabin

  • WC: 2

  • Motor: 2 x 45 HP Diesel

  • Solar panel: 2

  • Water tank: 600 L

  • Fuel tank: 500L  


  • Fans in all rooms

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • 2 refrigerators 

  • Refrigerator 

  • Solar panels

  • Snorkel kits

  • Fishing Kit

  • Towel & Line

  • 1 independent cabins for crew

  • Wifi

  • Paddle surf

  • Home appliances

  • Tv + Netflix

  • Nespresso

excess 12 catamaran
excess 12 catamaran
6500 €
7500 €

2021 Prices

5000 €
8500 €
9000 €
7500 €
6500 €

Frequently asked questions

can i rent a boat without license in ibiza?

The simple answer is no . But luckily for you we are offering a unique program in the world " boat license catamaran charter vaction program " that program allows you to charter one of our catamaran and to pass your International boat license aboard the boat.

Can i rent a boat without ski?

It is departing on your license type but usually yes

Does the catamaran come with towel and sheet?

Yes the catamaran come fully equipped with everything you need to pass an amazing holi

Rent A Boat In Ibiza

To rent a boat in ibiza that is bigger than 5 meter and with a motor bigger than 15hp you need to a siling license .