Six Reasons why you should rent catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera

Sailing is one of the most convenient way for exploring new places and if your destination is an island then it is a “must have” experience in order to embrace the total beauty.

In this blog we tried to list six reasons why renting catamaran is the best way to discover Ibiza and Formentera for all the adventurers out there.

Ibiza is one of the best catamaran rental locations in the Mediterranean. Renting a catamaran means; exploring the secret bays, discovering the “other Ibiza”, being united with the nature. Secret places as Es Vedrà, Punta Galera can only be reached by a boat.

We tried to write down some general characteristics of renting a catamaran in Ibiza. If you want the absolute beauty, comfort, less stress, Chartering catamaran in Ibiza is just what you need.

Don’t forget, there is boat renting and there is catamaran renting. Here below, you will find the reasons why you should choose renting catamaran in Ibiza.


Firstly, Catamarans are more stable boats than monohulls. It is better option for families with especially kids and for those who are extremely sensitive to seasickness. During the sailing, you won’t have extreme heeling this will make your life much easier when cooking or any other provisions need to be served. Secondly Catamarans are mode stable at anchorage against the swells and waves. Sailing in the Mediterranean is a dream so renting catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera will reduce the chance of uncomfortable seasickness issues. Catamarans will prevent you to feel nauseous and you can just enjoy the wind, the sea and Ibiza.

Living Area, comfort and privacy

In the end you are renting a boat in Ibiza to explore the islands but why do you have to sacrifice the comfort? When you rent a catamaran, you will have great square shape living area which is a living room kind of arrangement. They you will have a lot of privacy as port side and starboard side are divided with separate hulls. This is a perfect arrangement for few families and also it is great for the children.

When you explore the bays of Ibiza with your catamaran, trust us, you will want to drop the anchor and live there forever. This comfort will make this happen. The bigger living room in catamaran and better fiesta!

Shallow draft

Catamarans are wider than monohulls. So the entire load is distributed to bigger areas therefore you don’t need the long keel unlike the traditional boats. This will give you the privilege to get into much shallower bays and chances to go aground is much smaller. The less stress is more fun by chartering a catamaran in Ibiza.


This is one of the most important point of chartering catamaran in Ibiza. Catamarans have two engines and two propellers one on each side so you can literally turn the boat on her own axis. It is huge plus when it comes to maneuvering the boat in the marina. This also gives you the safety to have two engines in case of any failure, you will be able to get to the destination in Ibiza.


Catamarans are slightly faster than monohulls in many conditions. Who can say no to a comfortable and faster sail around Ibiza and Formentera with a catamaran right?

General Light

Lastly, the day light! The good thing about catamarans is freeboard. The height above the waterline. As a result of this, you will have much more light in your living areas (more windows) and this also means a great visibility. You will witness the beauty of Ibiza and Formentera from these big windows when you rent a catamaran.

In conclusion, catamaran rental in Ibiza will provide you the best comfort, fun, freedom without sacrificing anything. If you want to discover Ibiza and Formentera, the secret bays, pure nature and spending great time with your family and beloved ones, you should definitely choose catamarans in Ibiza. Fair winds and following seas!

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